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Floor Plans of 2 - 6 Wheelergate from Deeds at Nottingham Archives

Plans of The Old Moot Hall and the Sign of the Feathers
2 - 6 Wheelergate, Nottingham.
From Deeds at Nottingham Archives.

Deeds deposited by the Pearl Assurance Company.

High resolution photographs taken by the Author.

The Stretton Map of 1800.

2 Wheelergate, The Old Moot Hall Building,
On the Corner of Wheelergate and Friar Lane,
Surveyed and drawn Ed. Stavely, 1804.

Building at the rear of  4 Wheelergate, 
Old Malt Rooms

The Old Moot Hall Buildings
 Friar Lane
Surveyed and drawn Ed Stavely, 1804.

4 Wheelergate, Nottingham 1801.
Occupied by William Spencer

Showing 6 Wheelergate and the garden  occupied by Joseph Howard, appointed High Constable of Nottingham in 1794.

4 Wheelergate, Nottingham. 1869

4, Wheelergate, 1870.

4 Wheelergate Nottingham. 1870.

6 Wheelergate occupied by Bower and Sale, Wine and Spirits Merchants

6 Wheelergate 
From a deed dated 1801 transferring the property from Lord Carrington to Joseph Howard.

Robert Smith, Lord Carrington (1752 - 1838). Banker  - Elected MP for Nottingham in 1780.

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